Monday, March 12, 2007

Dr. Egnor joins Evolution News & Views

Recently, I wrote about pro-ID neurosurgeon Michael Egnor. He had been posting on various blogs in response to an article written by a journalist for Time magazine. His comments were quite insightful, and they brought me back to wondering ~again~ why biologists act as if evolutionary biology is the only answer to how human life arose.

I’ve also wondered why evolutionary biologists maintain that common descent is so vital to science. This comment thread provides some of my thoughts as to why I don’t believe science would have suffered at all if common descent had never been taken seriously.

It looks as though Dr. Egnor will now be writing for Evolution News & Views. He’ll be a great addition to their team.

In his first article, he writes in regard to the high school essay contest sponsored by the folks at Alliance for Science. His article further solidifies my thoughts about the necessity of macroevolution.

Here are a few thoughts from the article:
Doctors don’t study evolution. Doctors never study it in medical school, and they never use evolutionary biology in their practice. There are no courses in medical school on evolution. There are no ‘professors of evolution’ in medical schools. There are no departments of evolutionary biology in medical schools.

...I am a professor of neurosurgery, I work and teach at a medical school, I do brain research, and in 20 years I’ve performed over 4000 brain operations. I never use evolutionary biology in my work. Would I be a better surgeon if I assumed that the brain arose by random events? Of course not. Doctors are detectives. We look for patterns, and in the human body, patterns look very much like they were designed. Doctors know that, from the intricate structure of the human brain to the genetic code, our bodies show astonishing evidence of design. That’s why most doctors—nearly two-thirds according to national polls—don’t believe that human beings arose merely by chance and natural selection. Most doctors don’t accept evolutionary biology as an adequate explanation for life. Doctors see, first-hand, the design of life.

...Without using evolutionary theory, doctors and scientists have discovered vaccines (Jenner, in the 18th century, before Darwin was born), discovered that germs cause infectious diseases (Pasteur, in the 19th century, who ignored Darwin), discovered genes (Mendel, in the 19th century, who was a priest and not a supporter of Darwin’s theory), discovered antibiotics, and unraveled the secrets of the genetic code (the key to these discoveries was the discovery of the apparent design in the DNA double helix). Heart, liver, and kidney transplants, new treatments for cancer and heart disease, and a host of life-saving advances in medicine have been developed without input from evolutionary biologists.