Monday, March 19, 2007

Richard Hughes is upset with me (again)


It looks as though DaveScot is not the only one the kiddos over at the Antievolution forum are going to stalk. They're evidently quite put off with me for not putting all of their comments through moderation.

They think I'm "unreasonable", "dishonest", a "liar", "pathetic", and a "moron". I evidently suffer from a "credibility crisis", "don't have any personality", and only have influence on those individuals who have "half a brain".

Richard, the reason why I didn't put your comment about the Wedge document through is because I have addressed that issue so many times in the past that it simply gets tiring. If you're interested in my response about it, go back through my archives and read to your hearts content.

Anyway, if any of you out there are interested in the comments from my friends over at Antievolution forum that I'm not allowing through moderation, please feel free to visit their thread documenting those comments.

I certainly don't want to upset those fine folks.