Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Not sure what to think...

I hate posting anything that I think might be considered a scare tactic, but I'm not sure what the Christian response should be to some issues. So, I'm going to post this and maybe someone can make some suggestions as to how to respond to this type of stuff.

There is a growing trend among atheists to become evangelists for their faith beliefs. I seriously don't have a problem with atheists voicing their opinions and concerns about religion if they do so in a respectful manner. Likewise, I have a huge problem with theists who are disrespectful to atheists merely because their beliefs differ from their own.

But, I'm not sure what to think about this growing trend among atheist groups to stamp out religious thought altogether.

Richard Dawkins wrote in his book, The God Delusion:
I am attacking God, all gods, anything and everything supernatural, whatever and whenever they have been or will be invented.
He and Sam Harris seem to the Billy Grahams of this crusade, and the big problem is that they use science as their sword. Seven atheist and secular organizations recently established the Secular Coalition for America, which seems to be centered on seeking to eliminate what they consider to be religious favoritism in public policy.

We also we find Internet groups, such as The Rational Response Squad that has been quite provocative in their approach. They seem to focus on calling young people to the flock.

My biggest worry is that theists are pushing these type of groups by being so intolerant of their opinions. Atheists should be given a voice, and if theists cannot embrance and try to understand their concerns in a respectful manner, are we actually pushing them to become so angry and bitter about our religious views that they want do away with religion altogether? I'm sure that all the talk about Intelligent Design has them concerned about their naturalistic views being threatened as well.

I think the key to raising our children in the Christian faith is to be sure that we teach them ~why~ we believe what we do rather than only teaching them ~what~ we believe. Apologetics is a necessity in our churches today, and I've been encouraged lately in seeing that many churches are considering the evidence that supports what we believe rather than relying on blind faith.