Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dire Predictions about Global Warming

Scientists are getting frantic over global warming.

The harmful effects of global warming on daily life are already showing up, and within a couple of decades hundreds of millions of people won't have enough water, top scientists will say next month at a meeting in Belgium.

At the same time, tens of millions of others will be flooded out of their homes each year as the Earth reels from rising temperatures and sea levels, according to portions of a draft of an international scientific report obtained by The Associated Press.

Tropical diseases like malaria will spread. By 2050, polar bears will mostly be found in zoos, their habitats gone. Pests like fire ants will thrive.

For a time, food will be plentiful because of the longer growing season in northern regions. But by 2080, hundreds of millions of people could face starvation, according to the report, which is still being revised.

Hmmm... something seems weird about all of this. I've been pretty much riding the fence on this global warming thing. The evidence, of course, seems to indicate that we are experiencing global warming, but when scientists start pushing something this hard, I start to wonder what is motivating it other than concern for our well being.

Something is amiss.