Wednesday, March 21, 2007

From faith in God to faith in Science

And they say science never leads to atheism...

After receiving a liberal arts education, taking my first evolution class, and meeting some honest-to-god (GASP!) atheists, my entire world-view was crumbling. It was devastating to come face to face with the demise of everything you had built your entire life around. I tried to deny it, but I couldnt'---the evidence was too great. I knew it, but still, I couldn't let go completely. I so desperatly *wanted* there to be a God, who loved and cared and would reward us with paradise. And for awhile, this desire was enough to drown out that "devil on my shoulder" who was whispering "you know it, you know it, you know it, just accept it." Finally, I did. I accepted it. And it was such a liberating, free-ing experience that in my mind I always equated it with "waking up from the Matrix." I took the Red Pill. has to wonder if Shelley has considered the evidence that supports the Christian faith or if she has merely rejected it due to her rather dogmatic upbringing. Dogma can be a nasty thing regardless of whether it is found in the realm of religion or science.

Interesting story though.