Saturday, March 24, 2007

Censorship of ID, freedom of expression for everything else

Sage words from Robert Crowther at Evolution News and Views.

It seems to me that if the Darwinists were confident in the strength and merits of their arguments, they wouldn't need to censor other viewpoints and stifle debate.
Anika Smith mentions the current call for censorship as well.

Yes, indeed. It appears that the Darwinist crowd at Southern Methodist University are demanding that the university withdraw permission for the Darwin vs. Design conference I mentioned in an earlier post.

Such a puzzling world we live in. As I surf the web from one Darwinist site to another, it seems that most of these folks are die hard liberals who believe that there should never be censorship of anything in our schools and universities. Free speech is a really big deal for them, and most are avid supporters of gay marriage and have no problem teaching our kids that this lifestyle is completely acceptable.

We're all encouraged to embrace this lifestyle, and parents are not allowed to have a say in the matter because our concerns are “religious”, and everyone knows that there is a separation of church and state so we need to keep our concerns buried within the confines of the church. Basically, we’re told to shut our mouths about these issues when in public because our “religious” morality is stifling to the rest of society.

Parents evidently have no rights when it comes to their children being indoctrinated by the gay agenda.

A federal judge threw out a lawsuit filed by parents who wanted to keep their young children from learning about same-sex marriage in school. The judge, Mark L. Wolf of Federal District Court, said the courts had decided in other cases that parents’ rights to exercise their religious beliefs were not violated when their children were exposed to contrary ideas in school. Schools are “entitled to teach anything that is reasonably related to the goals of preparing students to become engaged and productive citizens,” Judge Wolf said. The parents who filed the lawsuit, Tonia and David Parker of Lexington, sued after their 5-year-old son brought home a book from kindergarten that depicted a gay family. Another Lexington couple joined the lawsuit after a second-grade teacher read a class a fairy tale about two princes falling in love. Jeffrey Denner, a lawyer for the parents, said they would file a federal appeal and refile state-court claims.
Universities allow courses on pornography, and Sex Workers Art Shows on campus which featuring topless dancers, demonstrations of sex toys, Q&As with male and female prostitutes, etc., but try to hold a conference on Intelligent Design and the crowd goes WILD. That must be stopped in it’s tracks. It’s WRONG. It’s not science! Bring back the prostitutes and porn! We can’t have these “religious” fanatics telling us about science!!!!

Oh, and don’t get me started on the books that some of our students are reading. There are hundreds of classics out there that could replace the questionable material found in some of our classrooms, but to suggest that is the equivalent to suggesting a huge book burning escapade.

Yes, this drives our dear Darwin supporters here in Kansas into a tirade. Red State Rabble and Evolving In Kansas blogs declare it censorship to suggest that we replace some of the smut our kids are reading with other classic literature. Evidently, it is vital that we allow our children to read smut in order for them to function in society (as if they don‘t get enough of it when they are not at school).

Let’s take a look at some of the verbiage in those books that Blue Valley is opposed to. The words that follow are from a book titled Bastard Out of Carolina:

Language includes motherfucker, fucked, Jesus, shit, piss, dick, prick, goddam, Jesus Christ, jackshit, scared shitless, son of a bitch, hell, shitting, nigger, Goddammit, hardass, shitfire, bullshit, shit for brains, sack of shit, shit-faced, turd-eating, cunt.

• I don’t need no man to tell me jackshit about my child...glad the goddam courthouse burned down.

• Of course, he was a black-eyed bastard himself...the boy was just too fertile. He couldn’t plow a woman without making children...It don’t really make a titty’s worth of difference.

• Rinsed it in piss, she did, every Sunday...all ‘cause Granny swore baby-piss rinses would keep her blond...

• ...slid his left hand down between my legs, up against my cotton panties. He began to rock me then, between his stomach and his wrist, his fingers fumbling at his britches. It made me afraid, his big hand between my legs…his hand dug in further. He was holding himself in his fingers...scary and hard. He grunted, squeezed my thighs between his arms and his legs...his hips pushed up…he was hurting me...brought his hand up to wipe it on the blanket, and I could smell something strange and bitter on his fingers.

• Boatwright women got caustic pussy. Kills off or messes up everything goes in or out their legs, except purebred Boatwright babies and rock-hard Boatwright men.

• (talking about mixed-race babies): The Yarboros been drowning girls and newborns for surely 200 years.

• (Glen) gets crazy when he’s angry. Use his dick if he can’t reach you with his arms, and that’ll cripple you fast enough...Man’s got a horse dick.

• Mama and Daddy Glen always hugging and rubbing on each other…Sex. Was that what Daddy Glen had been doing to me in the parking lot? Was it what I had started doing to myself whenever I was alone in the afternoons? I would imagine being tied up...while rocking on my hand...I came. I orgasmed on my hand...

• Goddam motherfucker son of a bitch shitass!... If he was my husband, I’d shoot his dick off.

• (Bone, age 9, gets beaten): ...lifted me high, shaking me back and forth till my head rocked on my neck. You bitch. You little bitch. My body slammed the wall...I was under his arm being carried…to the bathroom. He kicked the door shut...he pulled his belt free...I’ve waited a long time to do this, too long...

• (Glen lies to Anney about the reason for the beating): I heard everything he said, heard Mama crying in his arms. Daddy Glen told her I had called him a bastard, that I had (been) knocking things over and called him that name. (Glen said): She told me she hated me...and I went crazy, Anney...Do you understand how much I love you all, love her?...The sound of Mama’s crying grew softer…I heard Daddy Glen whispering…Then they were making love.

• My fantasies got more violent and more complicated as Daddy Glen continued to beat me with the same 2 or 3 belts he’d set aside for me...hung behind the door of his closet...I would reach up and touch the leather...I was ashamed of myself for the things I thought about when I put my hands between my legs, more ashamed for masturbating to the fantasy of being beaten than for being beaten in the first place…I loved those fantasies…they made me have shuddering orgasms.

• My cousins loved my stories—especially the ones that featured bloodsuckers who consumed only the freshly butchered bodies of newborn babies…My stories were full of boys and girls gruesomely raped and murdered, babies cooked in pots...

• ...he’s just a little boy himself...wanting to be her baby more than her husband…Men are just little boys climbing up on titty whenever they can...(joke): What’s a South Carolina virgin? ‘At’s a 10-year-old can run fast.

• ...his hands sliding over my body, under my blouse, down my shorts, across my backside, calluses scratching my skin, his breath fast and hard above me as he pulled me tighter and tighter against him...

• (Shannon Pearl, the fat, mean, albino daughter of overprotective parents who book traveling gospel singing acts): Shannon invariably told horrible stories, most of which were about the gruesome deaths of innocent children...And then the tractor backed up over him, cutting his body in three pieces, but nobody seen it or heard it, you see, ‘cause of the noise the thresher made. So then his mama come out...she put her foot down right in his little torn-open stomach...

• Aunt Raylene had said about Mrs. Pearl—If she’d been fucked right just once, she’d have never birthed that weird child...That child will rot fast when she goes...

• (Shannon and Bone fight about Bone’s family): Everybody knows you’re all a bunch of drunks and thieves and bastards. Everybody know you just come round so you can...beg scraps we don’t want no more...You bitch, you white-assed bitch…You little shit, you fuck off. You just fuck off!

• (Bone watches Shannon burn to death at a barbecue): One of Shannon’s cousins (said), You must eat nothing but pork since you was born. Turned you into the hog you are...Jesus shit, I muttered…Shannon reached for the can of lighter fluid…poked the coals and sprayed them…I heard the lighter fluid can sputter and suck air. I saw the flame run right up to it and go out. Then it came back with a boom. The can exploded...saw Shannon stagger...dress was gone...saw the smoke turn black and oily.

• (Bone finds a huge hook--her aunt tells her it’s for dredging bodies from the river): ...pried the chain off, cleaned and polished it. When it was shiny and smooth, I got in bed and put it between my legs, pulling it back and forth. It made me shiver and go hot at the same time. I had read in one of the paperbacks Daddy Glen hid...about women who pushed stuff up inside them. I held the chain and thought about that...

• He fumbled with his fingers between my legs, opened me, and then reared back slightly...slammed his body forward from his knees...He rocked in and ground down, flexing and thrusting his hips. I felt like he was tearing me apart, my ass slapping against the floor with every thrust...his hips drove his sex into me like a sword...He went rigid, head back and teeth showing...He went limp and came down on me, rag-loose and panting.
And, that’s just from ONE book! There are many others that are being disputed as well.

I kid you not. Books like this are apparently in our high schools, and some of them are even read in literature classes.

Here is a list of great books that the Blue Valley district is not using in those literature classes. Yet, the Darwinist crowd who were discussing this issue saw no reason to offer these more suitable books to our students. They thought the list of books in question were totally acceptable for our students.

So, evidently censorship is a BIG, BIG deal, UNLESS it is in regard to the science that questions their Darwinian worldview.

Strange world we live in. It appears that anything that can be even remotely traced to religion is now outlawed, and porn, homosexuality, explicit sexual content in books, and naturalistic creation stories are A-Okay.


And, they wonder why the religious right is concerned about where we are headed.