Wednesday, March 28, 2007


David Levin, some biochemist, recently sent Behe a letter full of sneers and arrogance. Evidently, he was under the belief that he had destroyed Behe’s position. I see this kind of behavior on an hourly basis on the internet, but you’d think that Levin could manage to be civil and professional when writing a few emails to a fellow scientist regardless of whether he is in disagreement with Behe or not.

You can go to Uncommon Descent for the series of email exchanges between Levin, Behe, Dembski, and Miller. Behe, as usual, is polite to a fault. I’ve mentioned in the past that I saw Behe lecture here at KU a few months ago and the man is as calm as a cucumber. The crap thrown at him on an hourly basis must bounce right off the guy because he never throws a fit like the evolutionists do, nor does he resort to ridicule (as Ken Miller does). I’m thinkin’ that’s a true sign of confidence.

The evolutionists leading the pack cuss, complain, rant, and spew venom all over the media about Behe, and he just calmly takes down their arguments time and time again.

I’ve seen Dembski lecture and he was very professional as well (again, unlike Miller’s comedy act).

Anyway, evidently Dembski received an email from someone who was giving their impression of the email exchange. You can find it below:

“The unrestrained emotionalism of these people exposes an emotional element in their thinking that impeaches their claim to a level of rationality necessary to draw proper inferences from data. The experience of dealing with these emotional people is like finding yourself at a podium, and around you are a bunch of people holding protest signs denouncing you — and they expect you to argue with each slogan on each sign, or else they hold up another protest sign pronouncing that your silence demonstrates that you agree with the slogans on the other protest signs.”

There is a lot of hatred built up in some of these people, and I’m just willing to bet the farm that it’s not primarily due to the scientific issues surrounding this debate...