Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dr. Egnor is on a roll

Michael Egnor will be writing a series of articles further covering his stance that Darwinism is irrelevant to the practice of medicine. The first entry can be found here. I'll keep posting them as they show up on Evolution News & Views.


Here's another Egnor post for your enjoyment:

Quick, Nurse, Give the Patient a Tautology!

Funny stuff:
Is Darwinism essential to understanding bacterial resistance to antibiotics? Consider the following conversation, at the bedside of a patient with a serious antibiotic-resistant infection:

Nurse: Nothing’s working, Doctor!
Doctor: I know. All of our antibiotics have failed. Penicillin, Cipro, Tetracycline. Nothing is working.
Nurse: Let’s ask the Darwinists for help!
Doctor: (Slaps forehead) Of course! Darwinism is the foundation of our understanding of bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Quick, Nurse, give the patient a tautology!

Along with his earlier posts...

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