Friday, May 30, 2008

OMG, I'm under the influence and gettin' risky...

Did you know that energy drinks lead to risky and aggressive behavior including unprotected sex, substance abuse and violence?

No wonder I'm overwhelmingly drawn to those nasty 'ol Darwin lover websites! I'm under the influence of a substance known to cause risky behavior!! Why else would I subject myself to the potential risk of losing all sense of logic and rational thought due to the influence of those folks??! My gosh, I've gotta find a 12 step program or I could be converted to Darwinism and be lookin' at eternal life in the fiery depths of hell!!!!!

I'm not kidding. Check out this article on energy drinks.

Aggressive Behavior? Check. I'm constantly surfin' the Darwin sites looking for someone to chew up and spit out.

Unprotected Sex? Check. Lots of it.

Substance Abuse? Check. ENERGY DRINKS in high quantity.

Violence? Check. I frequently want to beat the crap out of my boys when they get mouthy, and you know what the Bible says...if you even think about it, you've committed the act!

I have this sudden urge to run out and get a tattoo on my ass...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Autism and Childhood Vaccinations

So often we hear that there is a connection between the two. I don't really lean either way in this debate, but here's an interesting article on the subject.

The vaccine hypothesis was bolstered recently by a five-year study in monkeys who were given the same vaccinations that American children are routinely given. Last week, Dr Laura Hewitson, a specialist in obstetrics, gynaecology and reproductive sciences at the University of Pittsburgh, told the International Meeting for Autism Research in London that in the double-blind placebo-controlled study, 13 vaccinated animals showed increased aggression, impaired cognitive skills and developmental delay. The three unvaccinated animals in the study developed normally.

"There was a significant difference between the two groups," said Hewitson. "The vaccinated group had trouble developing reflexes?… They also became more insular and more aggressive. There was an increase in aggressive behaviour after they had their MMR vaccines, and they stopped exploring their surroundings as much."

Abnormal brain activity was found in the monkeys, and higher sensitivity to a naturally occurring brain chemical linked to sleeplessness, hallucinations, lack of social skills and a high pain threshold - all symptoms found in children on the autistic spectrum. The monkeys also exhibited abnormalities of the amygdala, the part of the brain which regulates emotions.

"We can't conclude that vaccines cause autism from this study," said Hewitson, "What we can conclude is that the vaccinated monkeys showed significant negative behavioural differences before and after the MMR."

Certainly autism appears to have increased dramatically. In the early Nineties prevalence in the UK was put at four or five per 10,000. In 2006, The Lancet put it at one in 86 and, last year, Cambridge University's Autism Research Centre estimated that some 210,000 children - one in 58 - suffer from an autistic spectrum disorder.

HT: Vox Day

Oh the Horror

Look at the inside of that mouth...good grief, could you possibly cram any more metal in there? My oldest came home yesterday afternoon from "step 1" of what will be a two to three year ordeal with appliances and braces. He has a fairly severe overbite and apparently if we don't get it taken care of now, he'll have to have his jaw broken and reset when he gets older to correct the problem.

He also lost a large portion of both of his front teeth in a playground accident when he was in 3rd grade. He was being chased by some girl, and as he looked back to see if she was gaining on him, he turned and ran right into a pole. Figures. Dropped him cold for a second and put a huge gash on his forehead as well as knocking out his front teeth. When I arrived at the school, there was blood everywhere and he was freaked about the teeth (permanent of course). Poor kid ended up having to have an MRI and everything.

If his overbite hadn't been so bad, he might not have lost his teeth. But, as it is, we're talking years and years of forking over the dough to fix #1's smile. We had his front teeth temporarily filled in, but he won't be able to get them capped until he's around 17 or so because, unbeknown to me, the roots of your teeth are not fully grown until that age.

So, we've started the "appliance" portion of the money sucking endeavor first. Let's just hope we have a few pennies left over for college by the time we're finished with his teeth.

I honestly have no idea how orthodontists expect kids to eat in that contraption. He was so frustrated last night just trying to get down a couple of fries, and a hamburger was totally out of the question. He couldn't get the food past all the metal to swallow it. I finally took pity on him and ran out to the grocery store and bought a whole pantry full of soup, pudding, yogurt, ice cream, etc. But, he can't eat soft and mushies for a whole year! Dr. O says it just takes a little time to adjust, and I repeated that to the son a couple dozen times last night, but he's not buying

Sigh...#1 son is as impatient as I am at times. He does seem to be adjusting a bit better today as I haven't heard quite as much complaining, but I don't think he's attempted to eat much of anything.

I'm just thankful we waited until summer to start this whole process so he didn't have to deal with getting used to them during the school year.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

67%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

A computer program designed to explain how religion evolved!!

Well, there you go. Someone designed a simple computer program that may explain how that nasty little problem known as (gasp!) religion evolved. Of course an evolutionary anthropologist designed the program and apparently actually believes he's on to something...*eyes roll*. What is wrong with these people?

Go to Uncommon Descent after you read the article to get a dose of reality in regard to computer programs and evolution. Then check out Creation Evolution Headlines for further commentary on this ridiculous notion...

In spite of the movie Expelled, and years of sophisticated criticisms of evolutionary theory, the Darwinists continue to flaunt their stupidity in public. We don’t persist in the tedious task of unraveling their tangled logic with any hope of changing them. They are incorrigible, hooked and stoned on Darwin beyond recovery. For our sophisticated and discriminating readers, in hopes of empowering the paradigm revolution, let’s do the analysis.

Always start by looking for pertinent questions to ask. To an evolved monkey-brain, what is the difference between real information and unreal information? What is information in the first place? What is reality? Can a theoretical system built on chance and necessity include abstract concepts and laws of logic? (Remember, without laws of logic, you can prove anything, and if anything is true, nothing is true – including evolutionary theory.) How can a genetic trait produce abstract concepts such as information? What kind of genetic trait attracts the members of the population who do not have the trait? What is an evolutionary force? Can you write an equation for it? How can I tell a selection force that maintains unreal information from one that causes real information to “emerge”?

Good questions just warm the discussion up. Next, test the evolutionists’ logic on their own assumptions. They are assuming that their theorizing is immune from the same selection forces. That’s a no-no. Inconsistency and arbitrariness are two sins in logic. If you commit either, you can prove anything, even opposite propositions, therefore you prove nothing. Let’s see if evolutionary theory itself survives Dow’s Law. He said that selection pressures on a genetic trait caused a population to wish to spread unreal information. We observe that many Darwinists are eager to spread their ideas with evangelistic fervor. Could we propose that the Darwin-dogma trait is genetic, that it emerged from selection pressure, and that evolutionary theory consists of unreal information? Indeed we could. The evolutionist has no basis to define reality, information, logic, truth or evidence. He’s just doing what selection forces in his animal past are making him do. He cannot stand outside the world of the evolved like some all-wise Yoda on a platform of neutrality and wisdom, observing what the silly humans are doing.

Once you diagnose the Yoda complex in the evolutionist, the argument is over. It becomes obvious his theory is self-refuting. If it refutes itself, guess what! It is refuted – it is necessarily false. Dow’s own theory cannot survive itself. The gig is up. Salvation requires repenting of this sin of arbitrariness and inconsistency, and accepting the premise that at least some religious beliefs (certainly not all) might be real. Why? Because meaning requires an ultimate reference point. Reality requires a reality-Maker. Information requires an intelligent Communicator. Logic requires a Thinker who is neither arbitrary nor inconsistent. Truth requires a truth-Teller. Only with those presuppositions can one reason inductively and deductively. Only with those presuppositions is there a standard by which to make sense of the world. The evolutionary world view does not provide a pole star; it wobbles incontrollably and chaotically. What’s up one moment is down the next.

For overkill, let’s remind the evolutionist that writing programs requires intelligent design, and human designers are subject to bias (see 04/26/2008 commentary). Dr. Dow conveniently defined his parameters to guarantee the outcome his bias preferred. Could his critics design a computer program that shows Darwinism emerging and becoming established in a population? Certainly. Could they decide that Darwinism represents unreal information? Why not? Sounds like fun.

Ran across a treasure chest of videos

I ran across a blog authored by Peter Williams titled ID.Plus. He has several videos covering ID listed on his sidebar that I haven't run across before.

The one I've posted below is quite interesting. Remember all the hubbub about the Youtube flick The Inner Life of the Cell? Check this out...

Direct link if the video above doesn't work.

I love the idea of helping students learn more about science by producing these type of animations. It really helps show us the intricate beauty of life, and it pulls you in to wanting to explore the majesty of life all the more. My son specifically mentioned how cool he thought the cell animation was in the movie Expelled.

Oh, and if you Evilutionists follow some of the links in Peter's sidebar, you'll find some videos that interest you as well!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First Not-for-Profit Christian Film Studio

Sal's on to something interesting...

That would be kinda cool...more Christian based films in the theatres. I really liked Facing the Giants which came out about a year ago, although it was obviously pretty low budget. The Passion of the Christ was a winner, and Bella seemed to have done well...although I haven't seen that one yet.

This new film studio plans to aid Christian filmakers through social networking. You can read more about this endeavor here.

Evidently, Sal has been in contact with them, and it looks like they are considering a film about the (gasp!) Biblical worldwide flood...and Sal is going to be involved in it!!! Hey, Sal, if you read this, tell them to talk to Walt too!

Monday, May 26, 2008

But, who designed the designer??!

How many times have you heard that question put forth by Darwinists? Lane Craig adresses this straw man...

Junior Duck Stamp Contest

My two boys, who were in 5th and 7th grade this past school year, were fortunate enough to place in the Junior Duck Stamp contest again this year. This is the 3rd year that they've submitted their drawings and placed, and this year they both took 1st in their age categories.

There were approximately 300-400 submissions in each age category, and they award 3 firsts, 3 seconds, and 3 thirds in each category.

Both boys really look forward to drawing and submitting their artwork each year, so I thought I'd share...

The Mystery of Life's Origins

Looking for something interesting to read this summer? Here's a pdf file for The Mystery of Life's Origins.

I also found an interview with Dr. Charles Thaxton, co-author of the book.

There! That should keep you busy for a while.

HT: Denyse O'Leary

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mr. Ftk doesn't like the Troll on my sidebar

Mr. FtK glanced at my laptop while I was blogging and noticed the crazy new mustard color, so he took a closer look. The little Troll picture on my sidebar freaked him out...he says it'll run off all my

He's not fond of certain characters...trolls, clowns, even various figures from Dr. Seuss books. His number one freak out? Furbies. I kid you not.

When our kids were small, those bizarre little Furbies were all the rage. Of course, I eventually gave in and bought them each one for Christmas one year. Mr. FtK was not fond of the creatures and especially disliked the somewhat creepy little sounds they made.

True story: One night around two in the morning, I woke up to Mr. FtK tossing and turning in bed and making the most bizarre sounds I'd ever heard uttered from his lips. The sounds were so eerie that it scared the life out of me. I listened for a second trying to figure out what the heck he was murmuring, but I couldn't make it out. I figured he must have been having a bad dream, so when the sounds started escalating to what compared to ghostly moans from a horror flick, I punched him a couple times in an attempt to wake him up.

When he finally woke, I asked him what on earth he had been dreaming about. He said he dreamt there were Furbies at the end of the bed "biting his toes".

Evidently, it scared the daylights out of him.

Yes, Mr. FtK, my alpha male...taken down by a Furby. None of us have ever let him live it down.

The boy's Furbies disappeared soon after that little episode, and even today when he meets up with a Furby he snarls. Just two weeks ago, my entire family was celebrating my Mom's birthday at her place. They still have a Furby that my younger nephew plays with on occasion when he's at their home. Someone left the thing on a light stand in the living room, and while we were all visiting, it came to life and started "talking".

Kinda creepy.

My husband let it go on for about 15 seconds, and then he stood up and made his move toward the poor little guy. Everyone in the room started cracking up because we knew what was going to happen next. He grabbed the thing and left the room without saying another word. God only knows what he did with it, and nobody asked. We were too busy laughing about it because my whole family knows he's seriously creeped by Furbies.

No doubt it met a similar fate to the one this little guy did...

Sunday Morning Youtube...

A couple from Steven Curtis Chapman...

It's all about Love. A very good Sunday message...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Such a sad story...

Jason posted about the untimely death of Steven Curtis Chapman's five year old daughter Maria. Chapman is a popular Christian singer, and although I'm not terribly familiar with his music, one of my friends is a big fan of his.

It seems his teenage son was backing out of the driveway and didn't see his little sister playing behind the SUV. That poor kid is going to have a horrific time healing after this tragic accident. Please, everyone, pray for this family.

More about Maria here...

Wikipedia & Conservapedia

They both carry their biases, that's why you should always check them both out!!

If you're not familiar with conservapedia, here's a little clip about it...

Couple of great movies this summer

Maci's post reminded me that The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is now playing at theatres. The boys wanted to see that one as well as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Both look really good, but it'll cost a small fortune to see both of them.

Looks like they are going to have to earn the right to see those movies by KEEPING THEIR ROOMS CLEAN and mowing the lawn.

Bribing...yup, one bad mother.

I am one Bad Mother...

I swear my boys could be drug trafficking from their bedrooms or smuggling in Cannabis and growing the stuff in their closets and I would never, ever know it. I've hardly stepped foot in their bedrooms since my Mom Strike a little over a year ago. It's just too depressing. Their rooms are on the second floor, so I've chosen to rarely go up there. When I do peek, it just sends me into a fury, so I decided that life is too short to raise my blood pressure to dangerous levels so frequently. They bring me their dirty clothes, I wash and hang them in the laundry room, and if they need something clean, they get it from there.

Yes, I remind myself weekly that I'm not teaching them any organization or cleaning skills by letting them live like little pigs, so this Memorial weekend I decided that we're cleaning the house from top to bottom...starting with *their rooms*. Then this summer, they WILL be keeping them clean or suffer my wrath (I'm sure they're just shaking in their boots...NOT).

Anyway, today I gathered up all the cleaning products and dragged both boys up the stairs by their ears. I simply cannot believe how they can live like such slobs...I guess because I allow it. So we dug in and cleaned their rooms spotless. I had to turn into a raging drill sargent and threaten their lives several times to get it cleaned to my standard of what "clean" looks like.

Now they must maintain this level of "clean" or die.

Miller Plays with his Mouse Trap


Michael Behe's response to Miller's blather...

"The problem... is that it's not an argument against anything I've ever said. In my book, I explicitly point out that some of the components of biochemical machines can have other functions. But the issue remains - can you use numerous, slight, successive modifications to get from those other functions to where we are?

"Some of this objection seems a bit silly. Could a component of a mousetrap function as a paperweight? Well, what do you need to be a paperweight? You need mass. You need to exist. An elephant, or my computer, or a stick can be a paperweight. But suppose you go buy a paperweight. What would it look like? Most of them are nondescript, roundish things. None of them look anything like a precursor to a mousetrap. Besides, look at what he's doing: he's starting from the finished product - the mousetrap - and disassembling it and moving a few things around to use them for other puposes. Again, that's intelligent design!"

"The question for evolution is not whether you can take a mousetrap and use its parts for something else: it's whether you can start with something else and make it into a mousetrap. The problem for evolutionists is to start with a less complex system and build a more complex system. Even if every component could theoretically have a useful function prior to its assembly into the mousetrap, you'd still have the problem of how the mousetrap becomes assembled."


"When people put together a mousetrap, they have the disassembled components in different drawers or something, and they grab one from each drawer and put it together. But in the cell, there's nobody there to do that."

"In molecular machines, components have portions of their shape that are complementary to each other, so they connect with each other in the right way. A positive charge can attract a negative charge, and an oily region can attract another oily region. So if we use the mousetrap as an analogy, one end of the spring would have to have a certain shape or magnetism that just happened to attract and fit with another component of the trap. They'd all have to fit together that way until you had the whole trap assembled by itself.

"In other words, if you just had the components themselves without the ability to bring the pieces into position, you'd be far from having a functioning mousetrap. Nobody ever addresses this problem in the evolutionary literature. If you do any calculations about how likely this could occur by itself, you find it's very improbable. Even with the small machines, you wouldn't expect them to self-assemble during the entire life-time of the earth. That's a severe problem that evolutionists don't like to address."


HT: Frank

Friday, May 23, 2008

Rubber woman...

No idea why I'm posting this other than "eyenou" made a comment that reminded me of this woman I saw on Youtube a while back...

Seriously freaky...

Free gun with every car you buy!!

Seems a Missouri car dealership is running a very special promotion... they're giving away a free gun to everyone who purchases a vehicle from their lot. Whoohoo!!



[Seems the inspiration came from Barrack Obama.]

Caffeine Friday

I've been cutting back...really!!! But, Friday's my day to indulge in several one energy drink. Yummy...

I started drinking early this morning...the kids celebrated their last day of school yesterday, and I've already played two games of Twister with them and a couple of their friends who are over here. Twister at 8:45 AM is challenging. I'm thinkin' this may be a 3 energy drink day.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beware of Scientists who insist they know the best

It seems as though at least one columnist from Great Britain is about as put off with the scientific "elite" as some of us Darwin doubters are.

"Huge issues are being debated, deep emotions are involved and firmly rooted beliefs are lined up on either side. Indeed, seldom has more tolerance and understanding of contrary views been required.

But instead of tolerance, the debates have been marked by bigotry, zealotry and a refusal to accept that contrary views can have any validity at all.

What's more, this gross intolerance has not come from the ranks of politicians, who make a profession of denigrating their opponents, or the religious, who have a rich history of persecuting dissenters.

Shamefully, the worst offenders have been the scientists and their supporters, the very people who make the loudest claims to rationality and of being swayed by facts not fundamentalism.

Oh, and FYI for the slow learners. Again, I am not speaking out against science. I'm speaking out against "science" that is based on dogma and a particular ideology. If the "scientific community" is going to go that route, then other ideologies have a place at the table as well. Don't throw the term "facts" in my face when you're basing your "facts" on your own personal philosophy and interpretations.

It appears the author of this article is as sick of listening to the "apostles of scientism" as those who support ID are...

Alas, the superior and vitriolic response of much of the scientific establishment is only too familiar to me, a lover of science who has spent more than 30 years covering its controversies.

It emerges every time anyone dares to challenge the orthodoxy of what Professor Brian Wynne, of Lancaster University, neatly dubs 'the institutionalised idolatry of science'.

'Its embedded assumption is that no rational and properly informed person could possibly disagree with the desirability of whatever science endorsed - whether it be nuclear power, chemical pesticides, thalidomide or genetically modified crops and foods,' he said.

Remember when Prince Charles ventured to suggest there could be concerns about GM crops and that science should 'seek to work with the grain of nature'?

"Professor Steve Jones of University College, London, came out guns blazing and called him 'a classic woolly thinker' who should 'go back to school and do more A-levels'.

It's the same old vitriol - although, ironically, science is increasingly proving the Prince, rather than the professor, right.

And it's not just that the apostles of scientism seem to believe that no one without top scientific qualifications is entitled to an opinion.

With all the zeal of a modern inquisition, they also persecute leading scientists who dare to take a contrary view - even if those contrary opinions are ultimately sound.

Mercy, talk about penis envy...

Sigurdur Hjartarson is founder and owner of the Icelandic Phallological Museum, "which offers visitors from around the world a close-up look at the long and the short of the male reproductive organ".

Sig is petting a big 'ol stuffed elephant dingaling in this particular picture. He has "261 preserved members from 90 species". Wow...weird collector's item there, no? He's been collecting penises for 24 years now.

The largest "member" on display is that of a sperm whale (154 lbs) and the smallest is from a hamster (2 mm).

Apparently, Sig is still on the lookout for a particular "member"...that of the homo sapien. So, step right up gentlemen, and donate your organ to science!

So, do you like the new look???

Too much mustard??? I kinda like it, so I'm going with it for a while...until I get bored again.

Oh, hey, if you blog about ID and want to be one of my "friendz", let me know and I'll link to you (if you're If you're a foe...plz don't apply. I have strict guidelines for who is eligible for that particular list.

Don't everyone speak up at once...! Anyone? Anyone?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Goslings...the end of the story

I'm sure you're all waiting with baited breath for the conclusion of the fowl saga.

Well, we experienced both good and bad. We don't think Hen Mallard's little ducklings made it. She sat on those eggs for about a month, but just around the time they should have hatched, she disappeared. We found a couple broken shells next to her nest, so unless she had them during the night and they all left immediately, they didn't make it. I'm hoping they did, but chances are something got to them. The Fox did return one other time that we know of, but Mr. FtK chased him off again. He may have come back for her when we weren't around.

Mother Goose's little goslings hatched...she had five. They only hung around for about a day and a half. That kinda sucked, but they probably wanted to get away from that crafty fox.

It was fun watching the goslings swim around on the pond. They looked like little dandelion heads. Cute as a bug...

[Big thanks to DaveR for the adorable gosling picture.]

Someone certainly hit the mark...

This is just too funny not to share. Joy over at TT is spot on about the ATBC boys...

These guys are a nasty piece of work, and it's not art. There is something positively creepy about a web forum calling itself The Critic's Resource that is nothing but a glorified chat-with-graphics for anti-social outcasts wasting endless days and nights calling people names, bitching about how many times they've been banned from other forums for abuse and general delinquency, and howling in rage whenever one of their chosen sacrificial lambs resists the knife and kicks them in the nuts instead of rolling over.

I personally don't know why we put up with ANY AtBC poser on this forum. It's not like they're capable of being what you might call honest or anything. I haven't seen any Swamp denizens offering apologies for bad behavior in this apology thread. And while I can certainly get as frustrated as anyone with juvenile delinquents, wannabe mind-tyrants and biting gnats, I do not apologize for having little tolerance for narcissists with Asperger's or spoiled brats who need a spanking a whole lot more than they need 'understanding'.

But then, I do have other things to do with my time, and science has already brushed the mud of these dinosaurs off its collective bio-sneakers. Which is just what I predicted long ago would happen when it became inescapable that their restrictive paradigm was flat wrong. Have a happy life, and don't forget to laugh occasionally - it really is absurd!"

I'll have to let her borrow my can of CBEB* sock puppet repellent...

[*Church Burning Ebola Boys - one of DaveScot's classics...

"I’m running out of naming options for these increasingly sick people. I started out a month ago with Church Burners. Then I had to add Ebola Boys. Church Burning Ebola Boys. Now what - Church Burning Baby Butchering Ebola Boys? That’s too long. Too unwieldy. Any suggestions would be appreciated."]

The Post in which FtK becomes a (gasp!) Blog Whore

Where have I been?

Dealing with life and this freaking recession. I'm not sure "the recession" has been officially announced to America yet (seems some are still trying to claim it isn't happening), but we're sure feeling it in the FtK household. Bush thinks we're merely seeing a slowdown. He's blaming it on Americans "building too many houses".

Transcript below:

Some Americans believe that they feel they're carrying the burden because of this economy.

G. BUSH: Yeah, well...

CURRY: They say we're suffering because of this.

G. BUSH: ... I don't agree with that.

CURRY: You don't agree with that? It has nothing do with the economy, the war -- spending on the war?

G. BUSH: I don't think so.

I think actually the spending in the war might help with jobs.

CURRY: Oh, yeah?

G. BUSH: Yeah, because we're buying equipment, and people are working.

I think this economy is down because we built too many houses and the economy's adjusting.


My husband "builds houses" (he's a contractor/architect), and we've been able to keep afloat the past 10 years as he's done renovations or design and build a home here or there, but we're certainly not getting rich off of it because we had no capital to work with at the onset. In fact, at the moment we're going backwards. Every time I listen to the newscasters wailing on about the "housing market", it immediately sends me into a panic attack. It pisses me off that Bush made a statement like that. It makes me want to scream Halliburton, Halliburton, Halliburton!

Anyway, not only has Mr. FtK been struggling, but a couple weeks ago, my business took quite a hit as well (again recession related). I took some time to try to amend my partial loss of income, and I think by next Fall I'll *hopefully* be fine again.

But, back to the "blog whore" dealy...

I've never been real comfortable about posting AdSense, donate buttons, advertising widgets, etc. on my blog like many bloggers do. BUT, desperate times call for desperate measures. Hell, in a couple months maybe I can gather enough pennies from Adsense to buy a gallon of milk! Yes, yes, I know the Ebola boys will have a heyday with this one, but such is life. Obviously, I'm very thick skinned. Here's a thought though...maybe the little rascals should get together and start a "tard" God knows I provide them with hours upon hours of entertainment as they twist and spin my every thought, and this particular post should give them a whole new line of material. What ya say, boys? Each of you throw in five bucks for another year of "tard"??

So there you have it....FtK gone blog whore. Make of it what you will.

Mr. FtK says to go for it. His words? "You're up all night bangin' away at that might as well try to make a buck or two".


Does that make him my pimp??!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Gosling Island

Look what I found on the island this afternoon....


I glanced out the window this afternoon to check on Mother Goose and Hen Mallard, and I immediately became soooooo excited I couldn't see straight. There on the island right next to the goose nest were seven little goslings. I thought....Wow! They've hatched! But, they're a little over a week early - very weird.

Then, I looked out toward the middle of the pond, and I saw another pair of geese swimming around. After watching for a while, I came to realize that this family of geese were new comers. I know the original gander because he has a weird feather sticking up on his back, and he was swimming out in the pond.

We have no idea where this new family was nesting...perhaps behind the dam or somewhere else out of sight. But, they sure wanted that island to protect their little ones through the night. The little family went out for a swim a while later, and our original Mother Goose returned to her nest. Mr. FtK watched them for a while, and he said that at one point, the new gander shoved our original goose right off her nest and pushed two of her eggs out of it as well. Mr. FtK intervened and put the eggs back on their nest.

Some interesting battles of King of the Island ensued through the afternoon and early evening, but when we came home from a ball game tonight, all 12 fowl were happily sharing the island.

God help that fox if he tries to mess with four grown geese, a hen mallard, seven feisty little goslings, and Mr. FtK!!

Here are a few more pictures of the little cuties. They were adorable swimming across the pond...

The saga gets more interesting by the day...