Saturday, May 24, 2008

I am one Bad Mother...

I swear my boys could be drug trafficking from their bedrooms or smuggling in Cannabis and growing the stuff in their closets and I would never, ever know it. I've hardly stepped foot in their bedrooms since my Mom Strike a little over a year ago. It's just too depressing. Their rooms are on the second floor, so I've chosen to rarely go up there. When I do peek, it just sends me into a fury, so I decided that life is too short to raise my blood pressure to dangerous levels so frequently. They bring me their dirty clothes, I wash and hang them in the laundry room, and if they need something clean, they get it from there.

Yes, I remind myself weekly that I'm not teaching them any organization or cleaning skills by letting them live like little pigs, so this Memorial weekend I decided that we're cleaning the house from top to bottom...starting with *their rooms*. Then this summer, they WILL be keeping them clean or suffer my wrath (I'm sure they're just shaking in their boots...NOT).

Anyway, today I gathered up all the cleaning products and dragged both boys up the stairs by their ears. I simply cannot believe how they can live like such slobs...I guess because I allow it. So we dug in and cleaned their rooms spotless. I had to turn into a raging drill sargent and threaten their lives several times to get it cleaned to my standard of what "clean" looks like.

Now they must maintain this level of "clean" or die.