Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Goslings...the end of the story

I'm sure you're all waiting with baited breath for the conclusion of the fowl saga.

Well, we experienced both good and bad. We don't think Hen Mallard's little ducklings made it. She sat on those eggs for about a month, but just around the time they should have hatched, she disappeared. We found a couple broken shells next to her nest, so unless she had them during the night and they all left immediately, they didn't make it. I'm hoping they did, but chances are something got to them. The Fox did return one other time that we know of, but Mr. FtK chased him off again. He may have come back for her when we weren't around.

Mother Goose's little goslings hatched...she had five. They only hung around for about a day and a half. That kinda sucked, but they probably wanted to get away from that crafty fox.

It was fun watching the goslings swim around on the pond. They looked like little dandelion heads. Cute as a bug...

[Big thanks to DaveR for the adorable gosling picture.]