Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pro-homosexuality discussions in our schools?

My youngest is in fourth grade this year, and tomorrow he is watching his first in-class sex ed film.

He wanted to “opt-out”....LOL.

I told him he’d have to grin and bear it because he’s going to have to sit through it. He’s a bit more modest than my oldest. #1 never even tells me when the films are going to be shown, and they don’t seem to phase him in the least, as he says “I already know all that stuff”. #2 doesn’t want any part of it, and thinks it’s “stupid”.

Well, at least they aren’t pushing pro-homosexual discussions in our school (yet). Or, at least I hope they aren’t! It seems that a high school in IL required their 14-year-old freshman to:

...attend a "Gay Straight Alliance Network" panel discussion led by "gay" and "lesbian" upperclassmen during a "freshman advisory" class which "secretively featured inappropriate discussions of a sexual nature in promotion of high-risk homosexual behaviors."
And, they were told to sign a confidentiality agreement promising not to tell their parents.

Sheesh...I’m still not sure I believe this story.