Friday, February 16, 2007

Dissent from Darwin Brain Surgeon takes a Journalist to Task

An interesting exchange occurred between a Doctor and a Journalist regarding the “Dissent from Darwin” list. Evolution News & Views mentions it here, and you can go straight to the article and comments here.

It’s interesting that Darwinists are always complaining that those who don’t cave to neo-Darwinism are ignorant religious zealots, but honestly, when you surf around cyberspace you’ll find brilliant individuals who debate Darwinian evolution into the ground.

Religious zealots are not the stereotype for those who dissent from Darwin anymore, though Ed Humes (Monkey Girl), as expected, starts his book with this outlook. He focuses on a man who he depicts as a raging zealot who believes that everyone who supports evolution will surely end up in “hell”. I can see where this book is going...

Evolutionists = misunderstood, genius scientists who are trying to reach and teach the poor ignorant masses.

ID advocates = ignorant, crazy religious zealots who can't wait to see everyone who doesn't believe in God end up in hell.

(I’ll make it through the book....really I will. Hubby’s bringing home a bottle of wine.)

Anyway, read the comments of the article I posted above. Quite interesting...