Monday, February 05, 2007

Kansas Science Hearings Documentary

I was surfing around today and ran across something interesting at The Fanciful Land of Evolution blog.

From a Discovery Institute press release:
Exposing the Evolution Controversy Now showing at local theaters in Kansas!

Kansas Science Hearings: Exposing the Evolution Controversy will open with a special showing at the Glenwood Arts theater in Kansas City on February 12, 2007. The film begins at 7 PM, but arrive early to get a seat. The movie will also be shown between Feb 7 and 13 in other locations around the state, including Topeka, Leavenworth, Wichita, Independence, Dodge City/Meade, and Garden City. Go to for specific times and locations.
Wow! I had no idea this was in the works, and it looks as if it’s coming right to my hometown.

The documentary will be shown in theatres during the same time as the Darwin Day festivities. Good timing.