Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Board has spoken

6 to 4, science loses. Dogma reigns.

Ah well, we'll regroup and eventually replace whatever they come up with next.

Now, if I were Steve Case, Jack Krebs, et. al., I'd take a good hard look at the revised science standards they are going to thrust upon our students. If they aren't careful with the wording, they are going to be looking at an even greater opposition next time around. I believe it was truly a stroke of luck that you won this last election. I wouldn't count on being that lucky next time.

Be careful with that definition of science and ease up on what you consider to be factual claims regarding evolution. If you do that, we won't have to readdress this issue over and over. Most of us don't mind compromise, we just want these issues addressed fairly.

In fact, take another look at those revised standards, and knock around some ideas as to how you can stop a future fiasco. Then let me take a look at those standards before you approve them, and I'll let ya know whether you're going to have to go through this whole circus again next time.

(seriously, Jack)