Thursday, February 22, 2007

More on Monkey Girl

Evidently Ed Humes is aware that I’m writing various posts in regard to his book. At his site, I found the following:

Talk Radio Evolution — Over at Pharyngula, readers riff on my OpEd's description of the two versions of evolution (the real theory, and the cartoonish talk-radio version designed not to inform but to inflame and deceive). I was particularly caught by a line from commenter Blake Stacy, whose summation sentence offers sound advice to all sides of the evolution-creation-intelligent design debate: It's hard to see why we should say anything other than the truth, as best as we can figure it out — particularly when the truth is all we have to offer. A brief but revealing back-and-forth between opposing points of view on this Talk Radio Evolution theme can be found at Evolving Thoughts, while the creationist take from someone who calls herself ForTheKid can be found here.
You can following the links from his site.

I am struggling to find the time to comment further in regard to what I’ve read in the book so far, but I have some thoughts that I really want to put into writing.

At the moment, Dave and Jeremy are giving me a lot to think about in the comments section of this post. So, if you’re looking for something to read, you might consider checking out those comments. We’re discussing the necessity of the concept of macroevolution.

And, Ed, if you’re out there, I’m enjoying reading the book. As an author, you write an interesting novel, but there are quite a few things I believe you’re wrong about, and I also feel that you are seriously adding to the problem that we have with the fear factor hovering around the various aspects of this debate.

I also think that the evolutionist crowd (ie. PZ et. al.) can certainly be accused of writing posts and articles which “inflame & deceive” their readers. It is interesting that you consider PZ a credible source in regard to the various aspects of this debate, because I can think of no one who does a better job of causing people to clamor toward ID.

His arrogance, horrendous attitude, disregard for portraying ID honestly, and his contempt for religion is very harmful to the theory of evolution.

On occasion, I give people his blog address and tell them to consider his comments as he is a professor at a major university. Honestly, they are appalled at what they read and it certainly gives them reason to consider these issues more seriously. Hope you’re getting my point. His approach is detrimental to the ToE.

More later...