Thursday, February 22, 2007

Comparative religion classes

I just wanted to comment quickly on comparative religion classes since our Kansas board of education discussed briefly, at their last meeting, whether it would be a good idea to offer these courses at the elementary level. They apparently realized that they would be opening another can of worms.

From what I have observed since the Mirecki episode, it seems to me that comparative religion classes are taught by primarily atheist and agnostic professors. They lump all religions together as a variety of mythical ideals that can be of some use to society, but don't particularly provide us with any real facts or actual truth.

I've stated several times that I do not support religion in the public schools at all, and I think comparative religions classes at the university level are worthless. But, I do believe that studying the history of various religions is important and that these issues being taught in history classes is appropriate and beneficial.

Well, this year my sixth grader has been studying various ancient cultures, and they have explored the religions of these cultures during each unit. I think this is the perfect way to address religion. When we are teaching religion within the history of various cultures, it seems to me that there would be less chance that the professor's bias due to their own faith beliefs would surface.

Anyway, just a thought...