Wednesday, February 14, 2007

John West comments on the KBOE decision

From the article:

Don't expect the "mainstream" media to notice the biting irony here: The people they like to portray as the champions of free inquiry and scientific literacy are the very ones trying to dumb-down science curricula in order to suppress information they find uncomfortable. Fortunately, Americans still have the freedom to investigate the truth for themselves, which is why the Darwinists' current strategy will be such a loser over the long term. Trying to stamp out the discussion of ideas you don't like is a sign of insecurity, and thoughtful people will eventually see through such tactics.
Yeah, that's the sad part about this whole saga. Due to extreme paranoia of a "religious theocracy", Kansas Darwinists have gone overboard in what they have removed from the standards and their definition of science will have to be amended in the future.

My personal hope is that the next writing standards committee is composed of individuals who have the insight to acknowledge that in order to end this three ring circus, there will have to be some give and take. That goes for those arguing from both sides of this debate.