Monday, February 05, 2007

Feb. 5 Weigh in (week 5)

We've completed week five, with our total weight loss at 33 lbs.

Last week we all seemed to be in need of motivation, but I did better this week so hopefully everyone else did as well.

Starving is still in the lead and doing quite well.

Dieters, please use the comment section to post how much you lost (or gained) this week, and your ~total~ weight loss since day 1 of dieting. When everyone has done so, I’ll post the results.


Starving -2 this week, -13 total
Sparky -2, -9
Ftk -2, -9
Gigi -2, -6
Carb Princess -1, -5
Chunky Monkey -1, -1
Manna 0, +1

We had a celebrity drive by give us some advice about dieting and the benefits of green tea. Uncommon Descent's davescot has been dieting for the past 2 weeks and has lost 9 pounds already. Way to go Dave!

We've lost a total of 41 lbs. so far! Good job people.

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