Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jan. 22 weigh in (week 3)

We've completed week three, with last week’s total weight loss at 25 lbs.

Last week’s big losers were Sparky and Starving again, so let’s see if someone can knock them off the top.

Last week Carb Princess provided some comments about eating carbs with a low glycemic index, and Gigi has been telling us to be careful about what type of vitamin you choose, as some are almost worthless. So hopefully we are learning a few things along the way.

I'm up for a workout challenge for any of you that need some competition to get you started in that area.

So here we go again...dieters, please use the comment section to post how much you lost (or gained) this week, and your ~total~ weight loss since day 1 of dieting. When everyone has done so, I’ll post the results.


STARVING HAS LOST 10 lbs.!!!! She is the first to hit the 10 lb. goal, but she has decided to keep going and lose some more! Great job, Starving.

Here are the rest of the results...

Ftk -2 this week, -7 total
Sparky -0, -6
Carb Princess -2, -4
Gigi -0, -4
Chunky Monkey -0, -0
Manna -0, -0

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