Monday, January 01, 2007

PZ Myers & Co.

I nominate FTK for female dog of the year, FTK is a bitch. She's a liar too, cretin, FtK is outright lying , nutjob extremist FtK , fuckwit, ignorant or simply dishonest , she's insane, twit , can we nominate FtK as Haemorrhoid of the Year?, fucking stupid , Given how she fawns on people like Sal, Dembski, and Dave Scot, she seems to be looking for some kind of daddy figure., ftk is a liar and a bitch., Deceit and deception, PZ writes: you are incredibly creepy. So creepy that if every I were unfortunate enough to meet either you or Slimy Sal in person I would not shake hands with you, unless there was a washroom handy and a bucket of disinfectant available, Sex between Sal and FtK... now that's bestiality, let Sal and FTK have fun rubbing the slime on each other, fools and idiots, Ftk deserves, well, disgusted pity, asshole of the year, chronically dishonest, repetitive, and insipid, I hereby pronounce Ftk as "Taint of the Year" , annoying twat, asshole, FTK was doing was shitting in the communal punch-bowl from which we all drink with her belligerent, serial lying and refusal to admit her error and churlish behavior while flogging us with her rigid morality, BITE ME, FtK!, PZ writes: Throwing FtK out is like chasing away a plague rat. She's got nothing to contribute but poison., FTK is a bitch. She's a liar too., Nice job, Ftk. You’re an idiot, infantile and dumber than a goddamned rock, annoying, insulting, unreasonable, clueless, vile, condescending with no discernible reason for being so, offensive, childish, and … did I mention dumb?, Also, you’re just mad because the UD boys were all swooning over me first. That makes you sloppy seconds, She’s a narcissistic, self-absorbed, self-martyring, smarmy, brain-dead bitch.