Monday, January 08, 2007

A meme

John Voisey, The Angry Astronomer, has evidently been included in a tagging meme game and has now tagged me!!! Okay, I’ll play...

Let’s see...I’m supposed to grab the nearest book, go to page 123, go to the fifth sentence, and write down the next three sentences. Then I’m to tag three more people, presumably ones that I think will play the game.

Okay, the closest book to my computer is Darwin Strikes Back by Thomas Woodward.

Here are three sentences from page 123 starting with the fifth sentence:

He circulated among the speakers, including three ID superstars: Michael Behe, Paul Nelson, and Jonathan Wells. Thus it was no surprise when several key quotes in the following week’s Time cover story came from our conference speakers.

When I first scanned the list of speakers in late spring, I was surprised that half were new names.

Ugh....I wish I could write the next few sentences.

Now I have to tag three people who might play along. Boy, that’s gonna be a hard one. Most of the bloggers who I’m familiar with seriously oppose my position in the ID/evolution debate, so I’m not sure they’ll wanna play with me.

Oh well, what the heck...

I’m going to tag Larry Fafarman because I’ve been popping in to read his blog lately and find it pretty interesting. He is an ID supporter as am I. I’m not sure if he ever reads my blog, but I guess we’ll find out.

Then I’ll tag Skatje Myers because she seems to enjoy memes (although she is apparently not fond of me at all). Lately, I’ve been quite curious about our youth who have come to the conclusion that there is no God, so I figured PZ Myers’ daughter would be an interesting subject. She certainly has some strong feelings about God, homosexuality, abortion, etc., etc.

Finally, I’ll tag Joshua Rosenau. I’ve no doubt Josh will ignore me completely, but he is a fellow Kansan so maybe he’ll look past our differences and play along. I don’t agree with Josh’s politics, nor do I understand how he can be so close minded to the intelligent design movement. But, even though he doesn't care for me much, he is usually willing to answer my questions about biology from an evolutionary perspective.

Well, there you go Jon. Oh, btw, it looks like you’ve had a birthday lately. Last I checked I thought I’d noticed that you were 22, and now your profile says you’re 23. So, if I read things right, Happy Belated Birthday! If not, well then have a happy birthday whenever.