Friday, January 05, 2007

“Where is the toilet cleaning brush?”

I kid you not. Those words actually came out of my son’s mouth last night. The toilet cleaning brushes have been located right next to the toilets in each bathroom in the house for the entirety of my son’s 10 years of life. scary.

He located the brush in one of the bathrooms and evidently took that one with him to clean the other bathroom toilets (only God knows why). Anyway, on his way to one of the bathrooms he apparently got in a small spat with his older brother and swatted the toilet brush at him (I heard this all second hand). “Toilet water” found it’s way onto the clothes of the older brother who did not take the situation very well. You can imagine what happened next. It wasn't pretty.

There is far too much testosterone in my household.

Delegation of the household chores has been interesting so far...