Monday, February 12, 2007

Feb. 12 weigh-in (Week 6)

We've completed week six, with our total weight loss at 41 lbs..

Last week, Davescot provided tips about the benefits of green tea and dieting, so we'll see if anyone took him up on his advise.

Dieters, please use the comment section to post how much you lost (or gained) this week, and your ~total~ weight loss since day 1 of dieting. When everyone has done so, I’ll post the results.


Starving -2 this week, -15 total
Davescot -11
Ftk -1, -10
Sparky -0, -9
Gigi -0, -6
Carb Princess -0, -5
Chunky Monkey -0, -1
Manna 0, +1

Okay, Dave's along for the ride so that brings our total weight loss up to 55 pounds!! But, it looks like some of us need extra motivation this week.

Chunky Monkey is looking into the dieting benefits of eating cereal for a meal.

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