Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Dodos are flockin’ in for Darwin Day!!

Yup, Darwin Day is fast approaching, and February 12th supporters will covey together to praise Darwin for the theory that has enabled many in the flock to become “intellectually fulfilled atheists”.

Yea! Fun times...

Of course, the dodos will be spreading a fair amount of misinformation about the Intelligent Design movement as well. One of their big events for the day will be to present the documentary Flock of Dodos at every available venue.

This little flick has been advertised as being fair to both sides of the debate, but when you hear a claim like that you should always immediately become skeptical.

The Discovery Institute has provided information that exposes two of the most flagrant instances where the director of this documentary, Randy Olson, makes serious errors in relaying facts. But, I’m not so sure they can be considered errors as it seems that he apparently knew the truth of the matter in some instances.

After reading through all of the DI information, I could literally puke. How do these ID bashers live with themselves? It's obvious that the truth is just not relevant to them as they seem to want to avoid it at all cost.

So, let’s get to the truth of the matter, and put an end to some of the misinformation coming from the director of the Flock:

Olson’s hoax on Haeckel’s embryos

Haeckel's Embryo Drawings Compared to 2002 Biology textbook

Olsen’s hoax on Discovery’s Budget

The “Wedge Document”: How Darwinist Paranoia Fueled an Urban Legend

The Truth About Discovery Institute's Role in the Dover School District Case

The Truth about Icons of Evolution: Responding to Smears against Dr. Wells

The Truth About Discovery Institute

And, last but not least, for your viewing pleasure take a gander at this You Tube video titled HOAX OF DODOS!!!!

Enjoy...and, Happy Darwin Day to all you lovely Darwinian Dodos!