Monday, February 19, 2007

Feb. 19 weigh-in (Week 7)

We've completed week seven, with our total weight loss at 55 lbs..

Valentine's week did me in. I got carried away with chocolate, wine, and pizza. I didn't lose a pound, but at least I didn't gain anything either. I really need to get serious again this week. Hopefully, the rest of you did better than I did.

Dieters, please use the comment section to post how much you lost (or gained) this week, and your ~total~ weight loss since day 1 of dieting. When everyone has done so, I’ll post the results.


Starving -2 this week, -17 total
Davescot -0, -11
Ftk -0, -10
Sparky -+1, -8
Gigi -0, -6
Carb Princess -0, -5
Chunky Monkey -3, -4
Manna 0, +1

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