Friday, January 11, 2008

Be thankful that you evolved along the more preferable branch of ape like creatures

Well, at least we can be thankful that we've evolved far enough along that we no longer eat dirt.

But then, in comparison to what some of us live off of, perhaps dirt would be the better option...

Yes, this post is completely irrelevant to anything other than the fact that *I'm hungry*. I read that article about the dirt eaters and started envisioning all the yummy things that we humans get to enjoy.


I was doing so well with my dieting toward the beginning of the week (had lost 3 pounds), but yesterday I didn't get on that treadmill, and I ate two burritos and a *big* 'ol bowl of popcorn after 7PM. This morning I got on the scale and I've gained 2 of those pounds back.


[edit: whoops! My link above didn't work...I fixed it. Note the reason why I said that we may be better off eating dirt than a grease burger and fries...dirt is actually good for the chimps.

In related news...when my kids were little, I never washed their pacifiers when they fell to the floor. Neither did I use bacterial soaps etc. that so many parents are fond of these days. I figured they needed to deal with bacteria and build their immune systems. Scientific or not, my kids were *rarely* ill when they were young.]