Friday, January 11, 2008

How bad would this suck???!

Twins that were separated at birth wound up marrying each other never knowing that they were brother and sister!

Man, that is gut wrenching. Evidently, they had their marriage annulled. I can't imagine having to live through something like that.

A good case for legalizing incest, no? For some of my readers, that wouldn't pose a problem, but even if they had decided to stay married, I think it would feel extremely weird to know you're married to your twin!

From the side column at the article I linked to above there was this:

THE twins would have felt a “lightning bolt” attraction from the moment they met, according to an expert.

Dr Glenn Wilson, of the Institute of Psychiatry, said we create a blueprint of our perfect partner based on our opposite-sex parent.

We are also attracted to partners who look like us.

He said: “If you are raised separately from a close family member there is a tendency to experience a powerful lightning bolt attraction to them if you meet in later life. It can be an incredibly intense response and almost impossible to resist.”

But siblings growing up together don’t fall for each other because “familiarity breeds contempt”.

Dr Wilson added: “We don’t fancy anyone we’re raised with. It’s probably a mechanism to protect the gene pool.”

That's confusing. First it says that we'd feel an instant attraction to our siblings if we met not knowing we were related, yet at the end of the article, Dr. Wilson says that we "don't fancy anyone we're raised with". If that's due to a mechanism that protects the gene pool (as he suggests), how does it only occur if siblings are raised together rather than if their not?

I remember reading something about this one time.....I'll have to google a while.