Sunday, January 13, 2008

Where is that %^*& Tooth Fairy??!

I keep finding teeth every time I turn around. A tooth on my bedroom dresser...on an end table...on the kitchen counter...on the back of the toilet. Where's that tooth fairy when you need her?

I was starting to wonder if teeth were falling from the sky or if my boys were playing some kind of weird prank on me. But, apparently they are both losing their molars at the same time. Evidently when they pull those suckers out, they just drop them wherever the event occurs. Not that that should particularly surprise me as that's what usually happens with their clothes, their school back packs, their get the picture. But, you'd at least think they'd mention it in passing.

I suppose that since the tooth fairy has retired, they aren't sure what to do with them. A while back my youngest lost a tooth and did mention it to me. I was busy at the time and told him to lay it on the counter and I'd put it with the others we've kept. Why we keep them I have absolutely no idea, but it seems that's what good parents are suppose to do...gather those sweet little baby teeth.

Anywhoo...that night after they'd gone to bed, I headed to mine and found a note taped to my bedroom door. Written on a napkin with my son's tooth taped to it was this message to me:

Hey, this is the *third* tooth lost, and the tooth fairy's late. Can you call or email her? She's being lazy.

Granted, my kids have never bought into the "Tooth Fairy", "Santa" silliness, but they do know how to play it up in order to get a buck. They used to find a gold dollar under their pillow for each lost tooth, and apparently my youngest was put off with the fact that the fairy no longer visits.

His note put a smile on my face, and I managed to dig up some gold dollars for that "lazy" fairy.