Sunday, January 06, 2008

Blog Diet

I've been debating whether or not to use my blog to help motivate me to start my New Year's diet or not.

My sister and I like to compete each year in trying to take the weight off, and last year we found that it was much easier to diet when we had to check in here, write it down and share what we've been doing to take off the weight.

This year, I didn't take the time to try to recruit people to join us from the real world, so I was considering whether or not to even do the blog thingie. But, my sister said it really helped her, so she and I are going to weigh in each week and post it here as well as try to encourage each other to stick with it.

Kristine had been thinking about joining us, but she's seriously ticked off at me right now so she won't be joining us. Maybe DaveScot will still weigh in with us. He's always fun and motivating.

So....tomorrow morning, Big Mama (my sis) and I will start the dreaded diet. Neither one of us are really looking forward to it, but summer is just around the corner and the shorts season sucks if you're not fit. Also both of us have being eating rather poorly lately and that needs to change. Less caffeine for me and better eating habits would be a good thing. Also, I've got to get my butt on that boring treadmill....yuck.