Thursday, January 17, 2008

A little comic relief

This is hilarious.


EXCOMMUNICATION: Scientists who remain recalcitrant and refuse to be re-integrated into the community of real scientists must by all legal means be removed from that community like a stubborn rotting tooth yanked from an otherwise healthy mouth. Untenured professors must not be granted tenure. Tenured professors must be socially shunned, encouraged to seek employment elsewhere (e.g., at a Bible college or Burger King), and be assigned undesirable parking spaces. Funding institutions (e.g., the National Foundation for Science and the NIH) must as a matter of policy refuse to fund the research of Intelligent Design sympathizers.
ACCREDITATION: Academic institutions that employ Intelligent Design sympathizers that in any way give Intelligent Design legitimacy (e.g., present it in a favorable light in the science curriculum or even go so far as to set up committees, think-tanks, centers, or institutes to weight its "merits") must have their accreditation revoked more quickly that the driver's licence of a blind man on his fifth DUI conviction. Accrediting bodies need to ensure that only real science, like Darwinian evolution, ozone depletion and the environmental impact of SUV's, is taught at accredited institutions.
Evolution has now become the universal governing principle of science. Scientists need to be scrupulous about giving evolution proper credit. Scientists whose writings betray less than full enthusiasm for evolution need to be reprimanded like a school boy caught free basing cocaine behind the barn.