Wednesday, January 09, 2008 boys love remote control planes

I've written in the past that my husband and two sons are obsessed with RC planes. They've bought a few of the kits in the past, but now they just print the free plans from the Internet and build them from scratch. It's much cheaper, and my husband absolutely loves making them. I'm of course much happier because when they crash I don't watch our hard earned money falling from the sky. They are pretty good at repairing them, but they are never as pretty as they were initially. At this point, they are still much better at building them than flying them. They do great with the smaller easier planes, but they've been delving into the big stuff which is harder to fly.

My oldest found a Veloc-E-Raptor's F-22 on the Internet, and has been absolutely drooling over it for days. My husband printed off the plans and is all psyched to build it.

I'm so glad that they've found a hobby that they all like working on together. Between that and hunting, they get a lot of bonding time with their Dad. Mom gets stuck being the one to help them with their homework, but it's kinda of interesting to see what they're learning. They're both really good boys, and I feel very blessed to have them.

Here's a Youtube of what their latest undertaking should look like when they get it finished...