Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Are all the Dudes Gonna Die Off?

OH, MY FREAKING GOODNESS...! Men, you are evolving right out of existence!

Check this OUT!

By the extrovert standards of our parliament, it is a surprisingly quiet debate, but one that will have all manner of implications. The Human Tissue and Embryos Bill, which is expected to become law next summer, says controversially that the fathers of artificially conceived children need not necessarily be recognised by the state. Are fathers destined to become redundant?

The bill is a reflection of much wider scientific and social changes. The technology to produce artificial sperm, or even create offspring from two females, is already in the pipeline; in addition, genetic evidence has shown that the Y chromosome, the only one that confers maleness, is in a long-term evolutionary decline.

And if that were not humiliating enough for men, in sizable communities across the country lesbians are not only forming partnerships, but they are openly bearing and raising children together, secure in the knowledge that British society now accepts such a lifestyle choice. Do men have a future at all?

Okay, that seriously sucks...what on earth is the point of living without men around?? But, hey, this may be one reason for those "tolerant" males to consider whether their tolerance for homosexuality may end up eliminating the male gender altogether! Maybe it's an inbred evolutionary impulse to question homosexuality. We want to keep our men thriving!!

Read the article...it is extremely interesting.