Monday, October 27, 2008

Let me be clear....

In my last post, I stated "when Obama becomes President".

Yes, I think he'll slide in as the victor for ONE reason only....the appalling bias displayed by the media. I just read another AP article so blatantly biased I could vomit.

Most of the so called "smears" against Obama are supported by facts, yet they are washed out by the mainstream media sources.

I believe that if more Americans did their own research on the candidates, they'd think twice before voting for Obama. But, most people get only as far as the evening news and their local newspapers, most of which hold to extreme liberal bias.

I was talking to a gal from Italy in second life the other day, and she was wondering why on earth I wasn't voting for Obama. During our brief discussion, I asked her where she gets her information about Obama, and she mentioned that she primarily bases her views on what she reads in the newspaper. I encouraged her to do some Internet searches on the guy or read my blog. There is so much about Obama that the media has chosen to lay low about. If McCain or Palin had the numerous radical friends that Obama does, they'd have that information plastered everywhere. They'd also be drilling them during press conferences, etc. in an attempt to get some answers for their radical connections. But, Obama is about as liberal as they come, and because of those liberal views, mainstream media deemed him the next President some time ago.

Of course, there are those who know everything about Obama's history and connections, yet they could care less.