Thursday, October 02, 2008

Beauty and The Biden

WOW!!!!! I was VERY PLEASANTLY SURPRISED by the debate tonight. My gosh, Sarah looked like a completely different person than she did in her interview with much more confident and knowledgeable. I'm glad she had the chance to speak directly to the American voters at both the convention and the debate without the media doing their clip and snip job on her.

It was fun hanging out with my sister and a bunch of other McCain/Palin supporters in Second Life. We were cheering her on the entire time, and we were all thrilled with her debating skills.

Biden was very much the gentleman and didn't talk down to her at all, and I'll certainly give Gwen Ifill credit for being a fair moderator. The whole debate was a very fun to watch.

I love Sarah...I really do. I hope she gets a chance to show us her stuff in the white house. Shoot, she could probably charm our foreign leaders into doing her bidding! All power to her...