Friday, March 21, 2008

Darwinists *sure* to boost "Expelled" ticket sales!

Oh, the poor souls are sooooo worked up about the upcoming flick "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" that the King of Atheists, Richard Dawkins, and his Grand Poo bah, PZ Myers, crashed the private screening last night at the Mall of American in MN along with a little group of family and friends. Both gentlemen are featured in the film, so their curiosity must have gotten the best of them.

Tee hee...the fallout from that little ruse is being read at different sources *all over the Internet*. I really can't think of better publicity for the movie than a bunch of raging atheists crashing an event like this.

Evidently PZ was given the boot before he even got to see the documentary, but his family and his buddy Dawkins, along with some other MN atheists, got in and stirred up a big pot of craziness during the Q&A after the showing. Word has it that Dawkins pretty much made himself look foolish, and from what I hear, the crowd had a good chuckle at his expense. Goodness sakes...maybe the whole undercover operation wasn't such a hot idea after all?

PZ's groupies seem to find it quite humorous that he was "expelled" from the screening, yet Dawkins was allowed in. But, honestly, I can't think of a better way to get publicity and interest in this movie than to allow more Darwinists into these screenings, and it was probably a stroke of genius to give PZ the boot (if that's how it really went down) because it only adds to the drama.

Man, what I would have paid to see the whole saga go down...and, that's not very Christian like at all. But, I guess after you've been sent to PZ Myers "dungeon" and been called every name in the book by his groupies at PZ's blog, Pharyngula, it's a bit difficult not to enjoy a good giggle over the whole episode. Yes, I kept a running tab of the names I was called because it was so horrifically over the top. Bear in mind that all that name calling was piled on me in *one* day.

I find it quite interesting that the group of atheists with Dawkins were so upset at the fact that he was refuted by producer Mark Mathis during the Q&A, yet I'd be willing to bet the farm that Mark never once used the type of language that PZ and his groupies direct at those who question their "science".

Well, we shall see how this latest little saga evolves for the next few days. Should be interesting and quite fruitful for ticket sales!

Oh, and if you're interested in how PZ & Dawkins view those of us who are interested in this film....take a gander at the following quotes.

PZ's opinion:
"It's (EXPELLED) going to appeal strongly to the religious, the paranoid, the conspiracy theorists, and the ignorant -- which means they're going to draw in about 90% of the American market."

Isn't it amazing that the US can even function seeing as 90% of us are teetering right there on the edge of ignorance and insanity....

Not to be out done in the arrogance department, Dawkins seems to be berating the film that will "only persuade those who are "already dishonest, ignorant fools":

At the Austin lecture, RD waxed harshly upon Expelled, saying that if the online trailer were any indication, no one would be persuaded by it who wasn't already a dishonest, ignorant fool. Now that he's actually seen, I can't wait to hear how he really feels!

LOL....gotta love it.

Dawkins admitted in the film that there could very well be an intelligent source responsible for our existence. That admission seems to, in a sense, make him an advocate for ID, no?

No doubt, the fact that he made that admission in an interview that will have such a huge audience has the poor guy worked up beyond belief.