Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Galapagos Sting

The Galapagos Sting....
Where LORD Darwin is King,
And His Word is the Law of the Land.
Evolution's Defenders,
The Inherit the Winders,
Have drawn their line
In the sand.

Their theory's quite hollow,
But our children must swallow,
Their soup, cooked up,
While the game to defame,
God's Word is the same...
Their intention?
Uniquely quixotic.

The Gospel? Demoted.
Evo-Priests now have noted,
That miracles simply can't be!
Their minds? Tightly closed.
Revelation? Opposed.
Dogmatists barking up
a dead tree.

This is Science!
This is Reason!
Great Logic's in Season!
Lucky mud...over time...
Man Alive!
A "Creator"?....Oh, please!
Sir, get up from your knees!
In this land where just top dogs survive.

Now the culture's kow-towing,
And the children all bowing,
Before Darwin's Gold Altar of Chance.
"Charlie D" is the Head,
Evolution's the Bread....
And the Wine that we sip?...

Their Doctrine's most queer....
Their Cosmology? Dear.
To the Naturalist Creed they're devoted.
They're High Priests in the Know,
Who just want to show,
That we're here because
Nothing exploded!

Since that Bang which was BIG,
They continue to dig,
To find fossils and links
That are missing.
Priests of Darwin are sure,
In their Faith quite secure....
God's miraculous Hand?
They're dismissing.

And their Creation Tale?
Well,...It's growing quite stale.
It's a Dogma
That may well be doomed.
It's The Great Contradiction
A Unique Science Fiction...
The Religion of
Nothing went BOOM!

[Written by by Tom Graffagnino]