Tuesday, March 18, 2008

God, Light and Physics

Recently, I mentioned that Dr. Walt Brown was featured on George Noory's Coast to Coast.

I spent a little time surfing through the Coast to Coast archives and came across a very interesting show featuring Lee Baumann M.D.. The program was titled God, Light and Physics:

Author Lee Baumann M.D. described his evolution from an atheist to spiritual perspective, and presented the concept that God could be thought of as light. He cited studies in quantum physics, NDE encounters and religious accounts as all sharing similar descriptions of light.

Light (not just visible light, but electromagnetic radiation) is found throughout the universe, and exists outside our four dimensions (including time), he said. According to quantum physics, light is a type of cosmic consciousness— it is omnipresent, existing everywhere at one time and allows for an instantaneous transfer of information. Further, all matter will eventually decompose into light, he added.

You can listen to this particular show in it's entirety at this link.

One need not adhere to everything Baumann said to learn some interesting facts about light and quantum physics.

In the clip stream on "light particles & consciousness", Dr. Baumann refers to The Double Slit Experiment as well as The Quantum Eraser Experiment. Both are very interesting to think about.

Oddly enough, a couple days ago, Casey Luskin at EN&V linked to a great article about ID in which the author also referenced the Double Slit Experiment and provided a You tube clip explanation of the experiment:

Be sure to listen to Dr. Baumann as the information he provides is really fascinating and far too much for me to cover in a blog entry.