Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Perfect Running Partner... 7th grade son!

I usually take a 3 mile route on a street that, at times, has a bit more traffic than I'm comfortable having my boys running on. So, today my son and I went to a track at one of the schools, and we found out we run at about the same pace. Of course, he can kick my butt big time running sprints, but long distance we're pretty even.

He just started track last week, and wants to get conditioned, so we've decided to run together and challenge each other. We went three miles today and ran a little over a mile of those three on our first day out. We were pretty proud of ourselves!

We push each other to keep the pace because I don't want to be out done by a kid, and he certainly doesn't want the old lady to beat him around the track.

My new running shoes are great, and my brother and sister bought me an mp3 player for my birthday which will make jogging much more pleasurable. I hate walking/jogging without music.

The weather was perfect today, and with the time change, we'll have more time in the evening to run before it gets dark.

Oh, and the endorphin rush was awesome. Whenever I start getting grouchy, my husband always encourages me to go out for a walk. For some reason, I seem to get more of a surge than a lot of people do. Some say the "rush" isn't really a physical phenomena, but rather that people feel good when they've accomplished something.

Whatever....either way, it's a great feeling.