Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gotta love blatant threats...

In order to ensure that Florida school board members don't allow students to question Darwinism, they're using this ploy...

Treasurer Pete Dunkelberg made excellent use of his three minutes at the podium, reminding the Florida Board of Education that they have the opportunity to change Florida’s standards score from “F” to “A” – if only they don’t mess up at the last minute by capitulating to the anti-science crowd.

Good Lord, that is simply unbelieveable. If there is even a single word that might allow students to consider the controversial issues in this debate, you'll receive an "F" on your science standards. But, hey, if you pepper the standards with evolutionary rhetoric throughout, we'll give ya an "A". Sounds like they're scared to death that the students may learn the truth about how weak their theory actually is!

Sure, "evolution" is a fact and highly regarded by even (gasp!) Creationists. But, the ridiculous extrapolations to the theory which imply that everything we observe in nature evolved from that first lucky blob, is *highly* controversial, and it's certainly questioned by people other than "Christian fundamentalists". Listen to Berlinski, who is an agnostic, slam the concept.

Let this be a lesson to you, children: Do NOT question "authority"!