Thursday, February 28, 2008

Considering a Fast

I've tried in vain to give up my energy drinks...they run between $1-2 per drink. Between my drinking habit and my husband's smoking habit, I figure we could save about $120 a month and $1,440 a year.

Hubby has tried every smoking cure out there except hypnosis, but we'd even try that at this point. Mr. FtK turned 43 in December, and I'll be turning 43 March 6th...right around the corner. Ugh... Forty-three sounds old, and we're both starting to consider our health more seriously.

I think I might try a 3-day fast starting March 1st. I've never fasted before, but they say it's a good way to give your digestive system a break...a cleansing, I guess. Whatever...I'm just hoping it might stimulate me to get back to heathier eating habits. This winter has been so long and dreary that I've indulged in more goodies than I usually do. I've always been conscientious about my health, and I enjoy working out, but I've been lax in this respect as well this winter.

The weather finally seems to be turning around just a bit, so I think I should be able to get out on my walking route again soon. Our church is doing a 5k next month, and they provided a little pamphlet titled "The Couch to 5k Running Plan". I grabbed one, and I think I might work along this schedule to get back to running rather than walking most of my 3 mile route.

I've asked for a new pair of jogging shoes for my birthday, so I should be all set to give it a go.

I'll blog about my fast...if I gather the courage to give it a shot. March 1st is Saturday...yikes...I better start talking myself into it!