Saturday, October 21, 2006

Well, looky here...

Today’s Topeka Capital Journal Letters to the Editor section features a letter submitted by our Chairman of the Board of Education. Cool. Abrams let Governor Sebelius have it again.

I bet we’re going to have a long wait for that apology though.

Apology due

The governor owes the Kansas State Board of Education as well as the citizens of Kansas an apology.

Personal insults from this liberal governor are the only arguments she can make, due to the lack of her own accomplishments.

It is predictable to have differing political beliefs and policy beliefs. I expect a big government liberal like our governor to oppose conservative politics. But to infer that the State Board of Education is responsible for the lack of economic development in Kansas is laughable. The state board has authority regarding education policy and teacher accreditation, but none regarding economic development.

Trying to place her own lack of success in economic development on the state board by comparing us to Fred Phelps is another one of the governor's liberal red herrings, similar to her claiming on TV ads that she held the line on taxes.

To find the true reason for Kansas' comparative lack of economic development, she might look at the high growth rate in state employees, as well as the high tax structure in Kansas -- items that she has a direct influence upon.

Her demand to place the Kansas State Board of Education under the authority of a secretary of education, who would be on her staff, is nothing more than an unadulterated power grab from the voters by an elitist. But that is typical of an elitist, thinking they know better than the voters.

We on the board have differing visions about education in Kansas, but at least we have a vision. The governor has yet to talk about her vision for Kansas. She apparently prefers innuendo, name-calling, deflection of responsibility and an attempt for a power grab.

STEVE E. ABRAMS, chairman, Kansas State Board of Education Topeka
VERY WELL SAID! Abrams is an outstanding board chair, and Kansas has been very blessed to have him advocating for what is best for our children.