Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mike Hall and PZ Myer

Okay....wow....this is an interesting article. I remember reading PZ Myer's screed about Mike Adams lecturing at the University of Minnesota. Myer's choice of adjectives are always so colorful and they really say something about the man uttering them, and highlight his intolerance of opinions in opposition of his own.

Anyway, I like Mike’s ending comment:
But it is a shame that Dr. Myer lacked the courage to ask me a single question. I certainly had a couple to ask of him. And I’ll bet the audience would have liked to hear him explain how an evolutionist who deems the universe to be accidental can be so full of moral superiority. Or perhaps how the accidental moralist can be an atheist and yet so angry at God.

It takes courage for a man to admit that he is sometimes afraid. But that courage is not a gift of random mutation. It is a gift from a God who loves even the most hardened atheist.[my emphasis]