Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sebelius is at it again...

From an article in today’s Topeka Capital Journal:

The candidates also disagree on whether the State Board of Education should retain its power of education policy, with Sebelius saying again Monday that she would support a change.

The governor said the current school board isn't accountable to taxpayers, parents and business leaders. Its 10 members are elected and pick a commissioner to run the department of education.

"Frankly it has become somewhat of an embarrassment as I travel across the country. People often know about the work of our school board -- and they don't think very highly about it. It is not very good economic development," she said. "I'd like to see a school board that works more closely with the Legislature."
She means she would like the board under the complete control of a liberal governor. Many people think very highly of our school board, but others have had the wool pulled over their eyes by the media. If the truth regarding the issues the board votes on were circulating throughout the state versus the misinformation being pushed by the media, the Governor would hear more praise for the board's actions.

Barnett, a state senator from Emporia, said he would make some changes to the board, including giving it an odd, rather than even, number of members to avoid tie votes. But he said he supports the current system and doesn't want to disenfranchise Kansans any further on the issue of education.

"I do not support taking the right to vote away from people, and to me this is a fundamental issue," Barnett said. "We may or may not like some of the discussions, some of the decisions, but the system works."
Thank goodness someone is using the good sense God gave him. Kansans should have a vote as to who they want making decisions on issues concerning their children’s education. We should not have that right taken away! This type of decision is something that would make me really consider whether my kids belong in a public school. I have always supported public schools, but I want a vote in what and how my kids are being taught.

Sebelius has criticized the board of education's conservative majority for drafting science standards last year seen as anti-evolution.
UGH!!! They are not anti-evolution. Many of them feel molecule to man is questionable (Darwinian evolution) and should be critically analyzed, but they certainly did not take the theory out of the standards. What on earth is it going to take to get the truth to Kansas citizens? It just seems hopeless.

Sebelius has said she will propose a constitutional amendment to allow the governor to appoint a secretary to oversee the department of education and make the 10-member board advisory.
I cannot believe that she wants to take away our right to vote as to who we, as parents, want running our state board of education. Unbelievable.

I have to wonder what the liberals will think of this idea when a conservative governor is again appointed to office, or God forbid, an ID sympathizer!!! Yikes.