Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More on ID in the UK

Sounds like Truth in Science in the UK is running into some conflicts with the British Humanist Association.

Imagine that....

It appears that when the British Humanist Association (BHA) wrote to the Education Secretary last Friday, they had not seen the contents of our resource pack.

The BHA asked the Government to inform teachers that the TiS resources “are totally unsuitable".

They apparently knew this even though they had not viewed a copy of the resources we sent to schools.

In a press release titled “Truth in Science – Lies, Lies, Lies” the BHA claimed to have “learned” that Truth in Science sent teachers “copies of ‘teaching resources’ on CD.”

This suggests they had not watched the DVDs we sent to schools before asking the Government to make an official announcement against them.

Was their letter based on evidence or prejudice?
I wonder if they actually read the resources, and if so, what exactly it was that they disagreed with.

I found this press release. No surprise that Richard Dawkins is listed as one of the Vice Presidents of the BHA. Obviously, he believes that ID is a threat to his calling, which is to rid the world of supernatural fallacies. Can anyone say prior comitment? I think when Dawkins comes to KU next week, I'm going to have to take that 'ol boy out to dinner and get him straightened out about a few things.

It looks like a Christian think tank, Ekklesia, is in cahoots with the BHA and their endeavor to rid the UK of relaying the "truth in science" to their students.

It’s so odd that these type of groups cannot see the forest through the trees. ID is not creationism by any means, and the theory does not support any particular religious belief.

Religious ~implications~ can certainly be drawn from both ID and evolution. Does that mean that we have to do away with the ToE as well????