Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Case for a Creator

I watched the DVD, The Case for a Creator, last night. It was outstanding.

There was a tremendous amount of scientific information relayed in this 60 minute flick. It was a nice change from the Darwinists tactics of late.

The Discovery Institute fellows are front and center providing us with amazing detail about Intelligent Design. Illustra Media puts together an awesome film, very eye-catching and educational.

Comparing this to Dawkins' spoof on The Colbert Report, I actually feel sorry for our university students. They love the comedy, but they aren't learning a thing. It's the same thing with the KU lecture series. Dawkins and Miller are providing lots of laughter, but the science being relayed is about nil. But, hey, they get a good laugh.

I sure hope Behe comes packed with some solid science rather than trying to be a comedian.