Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Steve Abrams takes Governor Sebelius to task...

Abrams let Sebelius have it, but good...

“The governor owes the Kansas State Board of Education as well as the citizens of the state of Kansas an apology,” Abrams said in a statement sent by e-mail to news organizations across the state. “Personal insults from this liberal governor are the only arguments she can make due to the lack of her own accomplishments.”

“I expect a big-government liberal like our governor to oppose conservative politics. But to infer that the State Board of Education is responsible for the lack of economic development in Kansas is laughable,” he added.

Laughable is right.

If Sebelius thinks that the ID/evolution debate going on in Kansas is a contributor to the lack of economic development in Kansas, I’ll tell you exactly who we have to blame for that...

1. The media
2. Darwinian evolutionists

Why, you ask??

Because for the last year, all we’ve had is a replay of ‘99. The media throughout the country, and internationally as well, has repeatedly stated that Kansas has “taken evolution out of the curriculum” or “out of the science standards”. If that were true, I'd be up in arms as well. But, it's NOT TRUE!

Where do they get this information? Darwinian evolutionists!

Darwinists are so put off with the fact that the board allowed a few statements that would suggest that critical analysis of the theory of evolution at the macro level is acceptable, that they threw a huge fit. The fact is that this actually allowed for our students to learn ~more~ science, not less. Shoot, even Kenneth Miller stated during his KU lecture last month that the KBOE took evolution out of the standards and the curriculum!

This misinformation has been spread repeatedly throughout the nation!

The last article I read went as far as to say:
They replaced the teaching of evolution with intelligent design, or ID. Parents in Dover, Pa., even sued the school board to restore the teaching of evolution to the curriculum—arguing that ID is based on a biblical view of creation and isn’t science. [my emphasis]

Neither the Dover nor the Kansas BOE’s “replaced the teaching of evolution with intelligent design”. And, parents in Dover didn’t “restore the teaching of evolution to the curriculum”.

Here is a summary of the changes made to the Kansas science standards.

The Dover board merely wanted a 4-paragraph statement to be read to the class before the theory of evolution was presented. They certainly did not replace evolution with intelligent design, neither did they eliminate it from the curriculum in any way, shape or form.

So, if we are going to blame anyone for the “lack of economic development in Kansas”, we can point the finger at the media and the Darwinists. They wanted to make a big stink about the board questioning their theory so they started something that has come back to bite them in the butt.

Oh, and I guess we can also blame Governor Sebelius for spreading this misinformation as well. So look in the mirror, love. You’re hurting your own state.

Evidently, she also made a comparison between the KBOE and Fred Phelps:
Abrams also attacked Sebelius for saying that the state has to deal with negative publicity created by the board, just as it does with the anti-gay picketing of the Rev. Fred Phelps Sr. and his followers.

Unbelievable. I’m not going to comment further on that statement. It wouldn’t be productive.