Thursday, September 04, 2008

Allow me to gush over Sarah Palin for a moment

I realize that the large majority of my readers are Darwin lovin', bible hatin' liberals, so you might want to stop reading this post RIGHT NOW, because you're going to be literally ill by the time you've finished it.

You've been warned....

I'm still euphoric after last night's speech. I honestly didn't know what to expect from this chick after the media did everything humanly possible to make mince meat of the gal. But, after last night, I feel absolutely certain that she can handle everything thrown at her. A victim she will never be! She's tougher than hell, and I absolutely LOVE her for it.

I spent most of the day listening and reading the pundit reports, blogs, and news reports in effort to discern between the truth, lies, and BS about Palin's background and her big night last night before I decided to take the plunge and officially declare my support for the McCain/Palin ticket. There is no doubt in my mind now that they will have my vote.

I was absolutely giddy throughout her entire speech last night. She is intelligent, fun loving, witty, likable, and extremely articulate and confident. She's winking and blowing kisses one minute and then tougher than hell the next. She's actually one of us!!! Not those pasty, plastic clones on capital hill. She has a beautiful family each of whom appear to be very capable and mature. Her youngest daughter Piper is adorable, and the camera caught her holding her little brother, licking her hand and slicking back his hair. It was the cutest thing ever.

She included her accomplishments in her speech, and I'll be darn if she doesn't appear more qualified than Obama! Inexperienced my ass.

Added bonus folks...the ultra liberals loathe her, and the women libbers are frothing at the mouth. Here is a gal who is the epitome of what they are supposedly striving for, yet she's degraded because she's not a baby killer. Gosh, to hear the libbers slam her is a hoot.

They are livid that a conservative woman may slip into the position that Hillary has been groomed for for a hundred years now. Their disgust tells us that we have the right person in the VP position, although the next few months will be nothing less than hell for both Sarah and John. Although, it appears to me that Sarah almost looks forward to dealing with whatever the liberal firing squad dishes out. We shall see how she makes out.

And, did you get a load of the "First Dude" of Alaska??! Smokin' Hawt!

So, it's official. I now WILL be voting in the election, and I will cast my vote for McCain/Palin.

McCain delivered, and I now view him in a whole new light.

Edit: A million typos...sheesh.