Monday, June 09, 2008

Vox & PZ to Debate??

Seems that Vox Day, the author of The Irrational Atheist, and PZ Myers have been invited to debate the existence of God this coming Saturday on a Minnesota radio program.

Great timing for me, as I've been working on a post addressing a couple of PZ's posts over at Pharyngula.

Recently, he stated that "There is no historical evidence for Jesus".


Wow. As a cock sure supporter of atheism, I'd have thought he'd be a little more familiar with the historical evidence supporting the existence of Christ, but evidently he's not.

That kinda shines a whole new light on how familiar he is with apologetic arguments that support the existence of God as well. He seems to indicate that he is relatively well versed on the topic as he complains that he has never found any intelligent arguments for god. One wonders how in-depth his knowledge is on the subject.

Well, now it looks as though we may get a taste of what PZ does or does not know about the arguments in favor of the gods. Vox and PZ have been asked to debate the topic on the Northern Alliance Radio Show of Minnesota.

How fun is that??!

It doesn't look like PZ has accepted this invitation yet, but it would certainly be a difficult one for him to back out of, IMHO.

I'll keep you updated...

[Side note: Isn't Vox hawt? But, I promise that his good looks will not affect my discernment in analyzing their arguments fairly.]

UPDATE: PZ tries to back out...

Wait -- I complain about the absence of intelligent arguments for God, and Vox Day pops up his little pin head and squeaks about miracles and bleeding statues and liquefying holy relics?

Vox, you don't qualify. You're a pathetic little twerp with delusions of grandeur.

Wow. In PZ fashion, he starts in with the ad hominem attack and makes statements about Vox that are not backed up with evidence. Someone should go over there and ask that PZ provide support for his statement that Vox "squeaks about bleeding statues and liquefying holy relics". I believe a retraction may be in order. First of all, I can't imagine a studly dude like Vox "squeaking", and I don't recall him talking about bleeding statues and holy relics that liquefy. But, who knows....maybe PZ can point out those quotes.'s at times like this that I wish I wasn't banned from PZ's palace. He's coming across as extremely cowardly by refusing to debate Vox.

Shoot, Vox recently lambasted new atheists in his latest book, so this would provide the perfect opportunity for PZ to set him straight! What gives?

If you're allowed to mingle with PZ's choir boys, get on over there and encourage PZ to do the courageous thing....DEBATE VOX DAY THIS SATURDAY.