Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Expelled Hits Canada

The documentary Expelled will open in Canada this weekend, and reviews are starting to pop up already. Kevin Miller, screen writer for the documentary, links to the typical Darwin dunked liberal reviewer. Peter McKnight, from the Vancouver Sun, is clueless.

AJ Derxsen provides an excellent rebuttal to McKnight's nonsense, although it will probably never see the light of day in the Vancouver Sun. He makes some interesting points to consider.

Some tidbits...

Would you argue that intelligence never leaves any signs of itself? The converse, of course, is that if ID theory is wrong, then all is randomness and that, too, should be empirically demonstrable. Therefore I must ask you: What evidence can you show me that all phenomena are, at base, totally random?


And instead of lauding ID critics Ken Miller and Francis Collins, you should instead be appalled at their philosophical inconsistency and hypocrisy. They claim to believe in the God of the Bible, yet the Bible teaches that all of us should be able to perceive His handiwork in creation. But these men deny that any such perception - which ID theory would exemplify - is even possible. What’s more, standard evo-theory insists on the very randomness of the phenomenon, which randomness logically excludes a Designer.

Yet in the Judeo-Christian religion God is most definitely a Designer! This makes Miller and Collins hypocrites, not thinkers to be lauded. Sure, it’s logically possible for God to have used an evolutionary process to get what He was after - but it would not be random. Or at least, it could not be random within the parameters of Judeo-Christianity, to which Miller and Collins claim to subscribe. (And here again I remind you that if evolution really exists and is really random, then it is unpredictable, and if unpredictable, then untestable, so by your own standard it is not amenable to scientific study.)

If you missed Expelled on the big screen, be sure to check it out when it's released on DVD!